How the Sherry and Co. Real Estate Gets More for Your Home

Marketing Exposure Costs Money- Lots of it!

The simple truth is that most agents don’t have the budget needed to get you the exposure you deserve. We spend over $300,000 just on marketing our listings.

We know that the more people we can get through your front door, the more chances we have of getting one of more offers. For this reason, we’ve decided to spend the bulk of our marketing budget on online exposure for listings instead of marketing our team like some agents do. You won’t see us on a billboard but you will find your home listed for sale… everywhere!

How We Do It

1. Advice in getting your home ready

Our job is to make you the most money possible, so we’ll tell you just what you need to do in terms of updates, staging or repairs to get the most for your home. We’ll tell you not to do the things that you won’t see a return on. We can also help recommend people to do the work. We can save you thousands! We pay for the staging too!

2. Get Buyers to Fall in Love

We know that buyers will pay more for a home they love, so our goal is to use high definition photography and videography, shot at just the right angles and placed in just the right order, along with creative, engaging copy, to make buyers fall in love before they ever see your home.

3. Your home seen Everywhere!

Online exposure is key. We know 95% of all buyers start shopping for their home online, and most first see the home they buy online. Our plan includes:
  • Promotion on our website seen by over 30,000 people monthly
  • Syndication to thousands of different real estate websites
  • Paid advertising on the most popular consumer sites like Zillow, Trulia and
  • Targeted social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram
  • Email marketing to our agent database and database of potential buyers

4. Old School Marketing

Print marketing is not dead, it’s just too slow to use to effectively market a new listing. We want you under contract in the first few weeks you are on the market and it can take longer than that to get a newspaper ad out, so we don’t use those. We do use beautifully illustrated brochures placed in the home can give buyers a warm feeling about the home and more information on upgrades and the community. We also use attractive custom for sale signs and riders and do open houses to drive more traffic to your home.

5. Marketing to Agents

Did you know that most homes are sold through two, or what we call co-oping, agents? It’s true. Most buyers are represented by a buyer’s agent, so our job is to market to buyers and to agents to let them know about your home. That’s why we’ve created an exclusive agent database. We email a gorgeous e flyer to agents with links to additional information and video on your home. We do sell a good percentage of our own listings and make sure all of our buyers agents know your home is coming on the market and when it will be ready to show. We also let them know about upcoming open houses in case they don’t have time to show your home and we advertise to them on social media. Hundreds of agents follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Ready to talk about selling your home? Contact us today! Even if you are months away from listing, we can advise you now in what to do to get the most for your home.

Work With Us

We promise you unparalleled service and honesty throughout the process, whether you are buying your first home or your last. Sherry & Co. is the leading team in North Atlanta, helping hundreds of clients make North Atlanta home each year.