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Our goal is to make buyers fall in love with your home. The more they love it, the more they will be willing to pay. Our stagers have a unique ability to see objectively how buyers will view your home and to look at it through a lens so to speak. They can see how it will look in pictures, which is important. Your photos will be the first thing your buyer sees. They have a gift for optimizing space and showing off key features of your home. They can rearrange your furniture or décor. They also have décor they can add to any room. If you are painting, they will pick out the colors that are popular with today’s buyers and that will look best in your home. This depends on the amount of natural light, size of room and furnishings or other surfaces in the room like counters and cabinets in a Kitchen or Bathroom.

Best of all, this service is FREE when you use Sherry & Co.

Success story- Sold in 4 days at full price!

This lovely home was on the market for 4 months. Sherry & Co. took over the listing, had the oak kitchen cabinets painted, had home professionally staged, took new photos and video, followed our proven marketing plan, and sold this home in 4 days at full price!

But staging is just the beginning.

Sherry & Co. can help you with the following:

  • Staging consultation and recommendations on upgrades, repairs or other services
  • Vendor list of trusted professionals to get the work done
  • Final staging with décor
  • De-staging if you used the stager’s décor

How Long Does this take?

Staging Consultation

This generally takes 1-2 hours. Our stager will provide you with a written to do list and any suggestions on items to purchase if you are updating lighting, paint or purchasing décor or homegoods.

Home Prep

The timing for preparing your home for sale depends on how long your to do list is. Most people have decluttering to do. This can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks. If you need paint, we can generally get that done in a week or two. Carpet or other flooring can take a week or two to get installed. Other minor repairs or power-washing can generally be done at the same time.


Once the prep work is done on the home, we’ll schedule photos and video to be taken. We prefer to do so on Monday or Tuesday to give us time to pre-launch your listing and then officially launch right before the weekend. This drives traffic to your home as soon as you are listed. Photos generally take 1-2 hours depending on property size. More time will be necessary for video, especially 3D interactive video or drone video. Photos are back the next day and we can start the pre-launch campaign. Video takes an extra day or two. All will be ready in time for final launch on Thursday or Friday.

We’ve seen just how much of a difference staging can make in how people walk through the home and how it shows in pictures. The quality of the photos makes a huge difference too. You can expect only the best from Sherry & Co.

Success story- Sold in Days at 99% of asking

This beautiful home on acreage was on the market for 4 months. Sherry & Co. took over the listing, staged it correctly, took beautiful photography using the drone to show how lovely the setting was. This in combination with our proven marketing plan, got this home sold in days and at 99% of asking.

Work With Us

We promise you unparalleled service and honesty throughout the process, whether you are buying your first home or your last. Sherry & Co. is the leading team in North Atlanta, helping hundreds of clients make North Atlanta home each year.