Hi Friends, with Thanksgiving behind us, we are full swing into the holidays and all of its busyness! The idea of buying/selling may be on hold for you right now and understandably so. Even though your plans may be on the back burner, before we know it the 2019 real estate season will be upon us. We saw a very early start to the 2018 season, and we expect the same for 2019. For our senior readers who are considering a move to a retirement community, today’s guest blogger is Barbara Thompson, a Senior Care Advocate. She shares valuable info on what to consider when searching for a retirement community.

Tips For Seniors Looking To Buy Into Retirement Communities And Other Options In Atlanta

by Barbara Thompson, Senior Care Advocate

If you’ve already started your search for a retirement community in Atlanta, you’ve likely discovered that there are options galore. After all, the city was named one of the best cities in the U.S. for retirees, and the lovely southern climate delivers sunny days and pleasant temps practically year-round. That said, buying a home as a senior involves a very specific set of considerations. Here are a few tips to help you buy a retirement property you’ll love now and when it’s time to sell.

1. Do More Than Just a Drive By

We love showing off our portfolio of homes, but we know that not everybody shares our enthusiasm. Though house hunting can become tedious, it’s essential that you spend time getting to know each community before you make a decision. Tour the common spaces, chat with your potential neighbors, visit at different times of the day and don’t be afraid to look through a home multiple times before you sign on the dotted line. You may be surprised at what you spot the second or third time around that influences your final decision.

2. Understand the Community Rules & Regulations

Many retirement communities are restricted to residents 55 years of age and older and operate under a set of rules and regulations created by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. Communities may choose to restrict or completely exclude families with minor children, in which case 80 percent of the community’s units must include at least one senior occupant. Exceptions may be made for younger occupants who are the senior resident’s primary caregiver, or there may be no age limits at all. Understanding the full breadth of community guidelines prior to purchase could save a lot of stress and frustration down the line.

3. Investigate Which Medical Facilities are Nearby

Getting older is a fact of life. So is the need for comprehensive health care. Choose a retirement community that provides convenient access to medical facilities, including those specializing in emergency care as well as doctor’s offices and other outpatient options. Atlanta has an extensive health care network. For example, Emory University Hospital is nationally ranked in gastroenterology & GI surgery, geriatrics, neurology & neurosurgery and urology — all big ticks in the pro column when you’re trying to decide where to retire.

4. Explore All the Amenities

Whether you can’t function without your morning water aerobics or you’d love an on-site beauty salon so you can walk to your bi-weekly hair appointments, you deserve to have the amenities you value most. Every retirement community is different. Ask for a list of amenities in writing, determine which are included in your monthly community fees and which cost extra. Then, decide what you can’t live without.

Also consider your future health and mobility needs. Picking a home that’s wheelchair-accessible now is far more affordable than retrofitting a property should you encounter mobility issues in the future. You’ll also want a club house or community dining area that you can navigate easily as well.

5. Choose a Property with Wide Appeal

You may not be in your retirement property forever. At some point, you might need to relocate or transition into an assisted living community or other long-term care option better suited to your evolving needs. That means selling the property you’re about to buy, and not everyone will be evaluating the home based on your likes and dislikes. By viewing amenities and home features with an objective eye, you boost the likelihood you’ll be able to find a new buyer quickly rather than trying to sell a “unique” property when all you want to do is move.

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