Since 2011, Sherry & Co Real Estate has partnered with Dave Ramsey as an Endorsed Local Provider (ELP). Because of our hard work, high standards, and consistently excellent customer service, we have earned a spot in Dave’s trusted network of top pros! What do you gain by using Sherry & Co as an Endorsed Local Provider?

Experience & Service

YOU can expect the BEST in customer service. As an experienced licensed real estate team, we will strive to serve you first and to help you understand the process of buying and selling a home. We want you to feel confident and comfortable making big financial decisions. Your family’s future is extremely important to us. We care.

Less Stress

YOU will not have to buy/sell a home alone! We are here to make it less stressful and are committed to guiding you through every step of the process. You will have not only the expertise of our knowledgeable agents but also the support of Ramsey Solutions. Each ELP has a personal coach from Dave’s team. We will take the time to answer your questions and will get your deal done for the right price.

High Standards

YOU can rest assured knowing that the Sherry & Co team is held to a high standard of service being an ELP. While we do pay a fee to cover program costs, we have earned our designation as an Endorsed Local Provider. We are in the TOP 10% of agents in the area and have years of experience in real estate. Sherry & Co is growth-minded professionally and personally, and our team has a drive to serve others. We are proud to be held to these high standards as an Endorsed Local Provider.  Along with the supportive team at Ramsey Solutions, we are here to provide you with optimal service and to ensure a positive experience.

In closing, the pros in the ELP program are the best in the business, having been thoroughly vetted by Dave’s team.  We are excited, honored and privileged to be a part of Dave’s team of trusted professionals and look forward to providing you with a fantastic real estate experience!

If you would like more information on the Endorsed Local Provider program and the services we can provide, please call 678.744.8206.  You may also reach us on the web,

We look forward to serving you and the community!