You’ve downloaded all the real estate-related apps, check the open house schedules every Thursday, have a binder of your favorite properties, and know every property on the multiple listing service.
Finding the right home can be a full-time occupation. Sometimes the search can be addicting, “What if tomorrow, THE ONE becomes available?” Which is just a way to put off the inevitable decision that you have to make: picking the house you’re going to buy.
Yes, it’s a big commitment. Yes, it is scary. But, guess what? Buying a house is worth it. You’re investing in your financial future, plus providing a home base for whoever may occupy those walls.
So, how do you know if this is the right home for you? Here is a handy checklist we compiled to help you recognize the signs:

1. You don’t hate it.

This may sound silly, but not hating it is the first sign you’re in your new home. By now you know what constitutes a deal breaker — location, price, floorplan, etc. — and if those don’t apply, then you’re on your way.

2. It meets the approval of your support team.

We all know it takes a village when it comes to major life changes. If your spouse/partner/kids/friends like it, chances are it will be a good fit for you. One warning about kids, they typically love every house, especially if there is a child near their age currently living in it.

3. The room dimensions work with the furniture you already own.

Can you picture the living room set up with your existing sectional sofa and television? Will your antique chest fit in the bedroom you’re eyeing? Or, maybe this house is inspiring you to redo your interior design from scratch. Either way, if you’re picturing your personal belongings in the house, move that property to the top of your list.

4. It feels right.

Is there something you can’t describe that keeps you coming back? Do you love it for reasons unknown? A lot of times buyers end up purchasing a house that wasn’t on their radar until they walked through the front door. That spark of chemistry you feel when you meet your new best friend is eerily similar to the emotion that appears when you walk around the house that’s right for you.

5. You’re willing to compromise something to make it yours.

The compromise could include financial (transferring your vacation fund to the downpayment fund), or possibly structural (adding a garage/bathroom/deck, etc.), or drive time to work. The point is that if you’re prepared to sacrifice something that’s important to you, this is probably the right house for you.

Do any of these sound familiar? You might be picturing one of the houses in that binder of yours right now. If you are, and it’s in your price range, feel free to contact us at (678) 744-8206. You can also send Sherry & Co an email at