Home improvement shows have stirred a massive swirl of excitement in the renovation world. Homeowners all over the world are taking inspiration from the plethora of media content — TV, YouTube, and other online outlets — and using it to transform their homes.

Things in the real world aren’t always as easy as they seem on TV, though. Editors bleep, cut, and polish the undesired segments until you go from trash to treasure in 60 minutes minus commercials.

How do “regular” people like us tackle home improvement projects without the help of a professional film crew? It isn’t always easy, but here are a few common mistakes to avoid during home improvement that might help:

Manage your expectations.

The hardest part of any home improvement project is the unknown. You could set out to do something simple like replacing a toilet, only to find rotten sub-floor underneath. You just never know. The safest bet is to double everything: the time it’s going to take, and the money it’s going to cost. Of course, your project might be the exception and be smooth sailing weather, but just in case…

Hire professionals to tackle the technical stuff.

There is more than one reason behind this advice. 1.) You want all improvements up to current building codes. 2.) There is a reason they get paid for doing what they do. 3.) You could do more harm than good by trying to tear down/build/repair it on your own.

Don’t change your mind.

Changes cost money, and time, which is also valuable. Like the old carpenter adage, “measure twice, cut once” states, planning beforehand will save you in the long run. Test paint on walls before you buy gallons and pay for hours that will be wasted on something you don’t like. Consult with experts before you start the process. Know what you want and commit to getting there.

Stay out of the way.

This is definitely difficult for homeowners. We know, we all have been on this side of the coin. Yes, your opinion matters. Yes, it’s your money. But the best thing you can do is trust the people you hired to do their job. The more time you spend trying to run the show, the less time they have during working hours to complete the job.

Know there’s an end that justifies the means.

Living in a construction zone is challenging. There are days that you’ll question your sanity regarding this decision. Don’t. At some point, your life will get back to normal, and all of the stress/money/whatever will be worth it.

What’s on your home improvement wishlist? Do you have tales to tell about home improvement projects? We would love to hear them. If it’s a “truth is stranger than fiction” story, don’t be shy, we know crazy stuff can happen behind drywall.

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